Friday, August 9, 2019

The Week of August 12, 2019

Welcome to your second week of school!  I had such a great time last week getting to know you, and I am excited to see the wonderful fun and learning that will happen within our classroom walls during our year together!

This weeks marks the first week of our lesson schedule that will include small-group lessons and a Montessori workperiod.

4th grade social studies lessons will focus on the Fundamental Needs of Humans, 5th grade will investigate the political and physical geography of the United States, and 6th grade will use our map cabinets to identify important places found in Europe.  Your required assignments will include a follow-up activity based on your lessons.

Language arts lessons will be associated with sentence analysis work.  Your followup will require you to diagram sentences and identify adverbial phrases.  

Social Studies and Language Arts followup works are due by Friday.

In addition to your lesson followups, please complete the following online works by Friday:

1.  Your weekly activity.
2.  Your weekly current event article comprehension activity about three  brothers who have started a successful business. 

Finally, you will have your first word study quiz this Friday!  The following word lists will be written on the board for you to copy onto your workplan.  Your group will be listed on your workplan when you receive it Monday morning.  You will need to not only spell the words correctly but also place them into the correct category. 

Circle Group
pre: prequel, precede, premier, precise, presume
post: postscript, posterity, postulate, postmodernism, postmortem

Triangle Group
short o:  moth, dock, smog, robin, olive
long o: dome, coat, cove, roam, low

Square Group
drop e before adding ing: skating, waving, closing, writing, using
add ing:  moaning, dreaming, cleaning, mailing, looking

Be sure to keep track of your daily work on your workplan by writing "I Can" statements that explain the skill you are practicing.  It is also important that you are spending time on each of the subjects every day to keep a "healthy diet".  We will be having time for a daily journaling time where you can reflect on your time management skills, quality of work, and worktime choices.    

Enjoy your weekend,
Mr. Trent

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