Friday, February 8, 2019

The Week of February 11, 2019

Happy Friday to you! I have already planned a great week for you when you return from your restful weekend!

The week's lessons will include studying the Civil Rights Movement,an introduction to the continent of Australia, and editing/writing a final copy of the Civil War essays. Our novel studies will include a focus on figurative language. Please complete your weekly and assignments, as well as your lesson follow-up work by Friday.

The following are your vocabulary words for the week. Please study them nightly for a quiz on Monday, Feb. 18th.

Please study the appropriate word study list for a quiz on Friday.

Swirl Group:
oi- spoil, join, avoid, joint, hoist
oy-  annoy, oyster, voyage, royal, decoy

Star Group:
Long u in first syllable- beauty, toothache, chewy, Tuesday, jewel
Long u in second syllable- shampoo, raccoon, pollute, excuse, balloon

Arrow Group:
ation - sensation, information, preparation, altercation, ordination
ition-  acquisition, apparition, decomposition, requisition, extradition

Valentine's Day is on Thursday, and we invite you to bring in notes of friendship for your classmates. If you choose to participate, please bring in a Valentine for each person in both Ms. Marianna's and Mr. Trent's homeroom (a roster was provided to you to make sure you do not miss anyone). We will provide bags for you to decorate to hold your notes.

Have a restful weekend,
Mr. Trent

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