Friday, October 26, 2018

The week of October 29, 2018

I had such a great time participating in our classroom mock election!  Thank you to the 6th graders for being good poll workers and keeping everything organized.  We will learn the results of our election on November 6th, Election Day!

our classroom's mock mid-term election

This beautiful October week will bring many opportunities for fun and learning in the classroom!  Social studies lessons will focus upon the Bill of Rights, writing an essay on the causes of WWII, and using our country study charts to research Latin America.  Our novel studies will continue with a focus on summarizing.  Please be sure to complete your lesson follow-up work in a timely manner.  As always, you will have your weekly NewsELA current event and activities to complete.  

Please study the following word-study lists for a quiz this Friday:

Circle group:

-ity: incompatibility, maneuverability, maintainability, functionality, accessibility
-ty: sovereignty, rhinoplasty, persnickety, specialty, anxiety

Triangle group:

Long e (eer):  cheer, peer, steer, sheer, deer
Long e (ear):  beard, appear, gear, spear, clear

Square group:
VCV: rodent, spider, acorn, clover, cabin
VCCV: cactus, chapter, window, reptile, plastic

Have a wonderful weekend,

Mr. Trent

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