Friday, October 19, 2018

The Week of October 22, 2018

It finally feels like Fall is in the air!  I hope the refreshing weather renews your energy and spirit!
Mid-term elections are coming up in Georgia, and we will be celebrating with our own mock election in our classroom! Please visit the voting booth from Monday to Thursday to cast your ballot for Georgia governor and US House District 1 representative. Our classroom results will be share before the actual election takes place on November 6th. Everyone's vocabulary words will be associated with the election. They should be copied onto your workplan Monday. Please study the following words for a quiz on Monday, October 29th:
ELECTORATE – Those eligible to vote

INCUMBENT – A person currently holding office

PARTY PLATFORM – Statement of the principles or beliefs of a political group

POLLING PLACE – Place where votes are cast

REGISTER – The process by which a persons’ name is added to the list of eligible voters

SUFFRAGE – The right to vote

POLITICAL PARTY – A group of people who join together because they share many ideas about  what government should do

CONGRESSIONAL DISTRICT – A political subdivision for the purpose of electing U.S.  representatives

CANDIDATE – Person who seeks or is put forward by others for a political office

CAMPAIGN – Course of action designed to influence voters in an election Your lessons will include meeting with your novel study groups to make predictions about what may happen in your texts. Be sure to complete your weekly NewsELA comprehension activity and your assigned task. Everyone will have a word study quiz Friday on the following words. These words should be copied onto your workplan Monday.

Circle group:

-ary: military, parliamentary, probationary, tertiary

-ery: recovery, shimmery, tomfoolery, surgery, upholstery,

Triangle group:

Long a (are):  blare, mare, snare, pare, dare

Long a (air):   flair, stair, lair, fair, chair

Square group:

Closed Compound Words: bookstore, waistcoat, notebook, fireman, grasshopper

Open Compound Words: living room, full moon, real estate, dinner table, coffee mug

Finally, Friday is a dress down day for $1. All proceeds will benefit the Red Cross! Have a refreshingly-cool weekend, Mr. Trent

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