Friday, September 14, 2018

The Week of September 17, 2018

As the excitement caused by Hurricane Florence continues, I hope you are making the most of your extended weekend with your family and loved ones.  Because Savannah is no-longer in the track of the storm, I'm going to assume we will be having school Monday as I plan the upcoming week.  That being said, please continue to monitor to see the latest updates about the passing storm.

Social studies lessons will include the study of the economies of various European countries.  We will also continue our studies of the Revolutionary War and WWI.  Language lessons will include continued prewriting activities as we prepare to write our first research papers concerning our social studies focuses.  Your novel study groups will meet again this week to read and discuss the stories with an emphasis on using "text talk" to describe what is happening in the stories.  

The 4th grade trip to Ebeneezer is this Thursday and Friday!  I hope you are ready for an exciting time out in nature!  Ms. Kami sent home a packing list for you to use as you prepare for the trip.  Please email her with any questions you may have (

Please be aware of the following additional important information:

- Your word study quiz you missed on the 14th will take place on Monday the 17th.  That means you will have both a word study and vocabulary quiz that day.  Click HERE to see your vocabulary list.  Word Study lists are found below:

Circle group:
-ly: thoughtlessly,  predominantly, conspicuously, mischievously, reluctantly
-ily: extraordinarily, momentarily, militarily, grouchily, ordinarily

Triangle group:
Short e:  edge, enter, scent, edit, center
Long e:  team, bead, eagle, heat, deal

Square group:
Present tense: forget, break, speak, drive, wake
Past tense: forgot, broke, spoke, drove, woke

- You will NOT have a Word Study list or quiz this week.
- The fall picture day was obviously canceled, but a new day has not been chosen. I will inform you of the new date as soon as I hear.
- The make-up day for Hurricane Florance will be Monday, October 8.
- I will be absent this Thursday and Friday to attend some professional development courses. I'm expecting an exemplary report from the substitute teacher upon my return.

I'll see you soon,
Mr. Trent

creating pin constellations during our mentoring time

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