Friday, August 24, 2018

The Week of August 27, 2018

an introduction to the country study charts

We've reached the last week of the month!  I wish you a happy and learning-filled end of August.  

Social studies lessons will include country studies of Germany, the United Kingdom, and Russia.  In addition, I will be presenting some information on the events leading up to the American Revolution and immigration in early 20th century United States.  Please be sure to complete your follow-up assignments in a timely manner.  Our language lessons will include our first novel study meetings!  I am so excited to work with Ms. Koral to create some fun activities based on some great literature!  Your novel study groups will meet weekly to read and discuss the stories.    

This Friday you will have a word study quiz on the following words.  Please be sure to copy them down onto your work plan on Monday.

Circle Group
pro- procrastinate, progressive, prohibition, proficiency, propensity 
con- controversial, consequential, confoundingly, conservative, contradictions 

Triangle Group
long u spelled "oo"-  smooth, gloomy, goose, loose, scoop
long u spelled "ew"- screw, jewel, knew, threw, stew

Square Group

add "ed":  dashed, pitched, crashed, watched, scratched 
double final consonant and add "ed":  bussed, grabbed, nodded, stirred, dropped

In addition to your lesson follow-up work, you will have a number of other required assignments: lesson current event quiz and Power Words
-study for your word study and vocabulary quiz

Last week's work plans will be collected as you enter the room Monday morning.  I will give you your brand new work plan at that time, as well.  Progress reports will go home Tuesday and are to be signed and returned to school Wednesday.

You will have a vocabulary quiz next Tuesday, September 4th based upon your works in social studies.  Here are the words that will be tested:

This Friday is a dress UP day to benefit the Oatland Island tornado clean-up!  Bring in a donation of at least $1 and dress up as your favorite plant or animal!

Have a great weekend,
Mr. Trent

Support Oatland Island Friday, August 31st! 

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