Friday, May 11, 2018

The Week of May 14, 2018

Welcome to the last week of school!  I can't believe how fast this year has passed!  I'm looking forward to spending one last week with you before we start our summer vacation.

We are back on our "regular" schedule, and lessons will continue as they have in the past.  Lessons will include recent American history, personal finance, fraction computation and decimal concepts.  We will also finish up our novel studies Monday, so please be sure you have completed your book and your study guide.

A fun tradition is to choose classroom superlatives.  On Monday, you will get a nomination form where you will choose your classmates for a number of different awards.  Please make your choices for each superlative by the end of the day Wednesday.

Friday, the last day of school, we will enjoy some special activities!  First, we will have an ice-cream social after lunch!  I will provide the may bring in any toppings you wish to share with your classmates.  Following our social, the classroom superlatives will be awarded.  We will end our day with a bridging ceremony for our 6th graders and give you a chance to enjoy your classmate's coding projects.

Have a nice weekend,
Mr. Trent

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