Friday, April 20, 2018

The Week of April 23, 2018

GMAS testing is finished, and we are finally able to go back to our regular schedule!  Be ready for a fun week of lessons, art projects, and (for some) camping!

4th and 5th graders: Your required assignments will include a current event journal, 30 minutes of, a Greek and Latin rootwork choice, and any lesson followup.  These works are due Friday.  You will have a vocabulary quiz Friday, as well.  Please bring in a cereal box by Tuesday for a special art project.

6th graders:  On Monday and Tuesday, you will have some math and novel study followup to complete.  I'm also requiring you to complete 30 minutes of by the end of the day Tuesday.  Our camping trip to Rock Eagle will take place Wednesday through Friday.  Please refer to the information Ms. Kami gave you as you prepare for the trip.  You will need to be at school at 6:00am Wednesday to board the bus.

All students will be taking the last administration of the MAP assessment Monday (Math) and Tuesday (Language Arts).

Have a great EARTH DAY weekend!
Mr. Trent

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