Friday, January 19, 2018

The Week of January 22, 2018

The first-ever Ellis Boosterthon Fun Run was a smashing success!  Our class raised $825.00!  As a school, we raised over $14,000!  All of the money raised will go towards improving our playground, cutting the cost of fieldtrips, and various other school initiatives.

Boosterthon Fun Run at Daffin Park

This week is going to be a great one!  I have some fun lessons planned that touch on topics such as fraction computation, chemical/physical changes in matter, using algebra tiles to balance equations, and famous abolitionists.  We will continue our writing workshops on Wednesday and meet in our novel study groups on Thursday.  I enjoy spending these lesson times with you!

Your weekly followup work is due by Friday.  This includes your lesson followup work, Greek and Latin Roots work, current events journal, and 30 minutes of  You should be reading for at least 20 minutes and studying your word study words for 10 minutes each evening.  You will have a quiz on your word study words Friday.

Finally, I would like to congratulate our homeroom representatives for the school spelling bee: Emilee, Jacob, and Emma S!  Good luck as you complete against the other Ellis Bobcats Tuesday morning!

Don't forget to return your signed progress reports Monday.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Mr. Trent

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