Sunday, January 3, 2016

The Week of January 4, 2016

Happy New Year!  I trust you had a wonderful break, and are refreshed and ready to return to school. At this point we are exactly half way finished with the year!  I can't wait to see where our studies take us as we embark on the second part of our time together.

We will start out the first term in math by reviewing the properties of multiplication.  We are taking the time to do this so that we can use these properties to help us with out upcoming geometry studies (that can be very computation-heavy).   We've touched on the distributive property already this year, and you may have come across some of the other properties in some of your studies in the past.  This week, we will put them all together!

Here is a list and some examples of the properties we will study:

Properties of Multiplication (Click to enlarge)

Because this is a short week, you will not have a test on using the properties of multiplication.  You will have a graded homework and classwork assignments, though.  These will be your first math grades of the third term!   Here are some review sheets you can use to practice the properties on your own.  You will not have a journal to complete this week, but you will have two complete two Compass Learning assignments of your choice.  

Check out our science is filled with materials you can use as you research our next unit of study: weather!  Over the next two weeks we will take a look at Earth's atmosphere and its connection to weather.

Earth's Atmosphere Overview

You will have two tests associated with this unit of study. The first will be a vocabulary quiz that will take place this Friday.  The second will be a chapter test that will take place next Friday.   The following document contains you vocab. words and a study guide for the chapter test.

The best way to learn about the atmosphere (and prepare for your quiz in the process) is to use this choice sheet to guide your research.  FOUR choices are due Friday, January 15.

Second term parent/teacher conferences will take place the week of January 11.  I will send home conference request forms Tuesday.  Please return them by Friday.  I look forward to meeting your family and talking about what's happening here at Ellis!

Enjoy your LAST day of break tomorrow, and I'll see you bright and early Tuesday morning,
Mr. Trent

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