Friday, November 6, 2015

The Week of November 9, 2015

Welcome to the week of November 9th!  I hope you are enjoying your weekend and are ready for another action-packed week at Ellis!

In math this week we will be taking a look at reading and writing algebraic expressions.  Please keep in mind that we are simply reading and writing expressions this week, not solving them.  Understanding expressions can be tricky because they include so many key words that you must interpret correctly.  We will have plenty of time to practice this skill in class over the next few days.  You will have homework Monday and Tuesday night to complete, as well as your two Compass Learning choices that will be due Friday.  We will NOT have a math quiz since it is a 4 day week.  Check out the following page that has a great overview of the skill.  The answers are included so you can check your work.

I came across the following helpful sheet while searching the internet.  You may want to use it as a resource when translating words and phrases into expressions.

Our science studies will continue to be all about Earth's oceans.  Over the next two weeks we will study tides.  I will give you a lesson Monday all about what causes tides and the different types of tides you may come across while studying the ocean.  Here is a copy of what I will share during the lesson.

There are a number of vocabulary words that you will need to master before you fully understand the concept of tides.  Please study the following word list.  You will be tested on them Friday.

To guide your research over the next two weeks, please use the following "Tides of Thanks" choice sheet.  Three choices from the sheet are due by THURSDAY, November 19th.  This is also the day you will have a final test on tides.  Please note that this is a departure from our usual schedule of "science tests on Friday" procedure.  Structure your time so that you will be able to complete your required assignments by the due date.  I've update the online classroom calendar to include this information.

In addition to your studies, keep the following in mind:

1.  You do not have school Wednesday because we will be celebrating Veterans' Day.
2.  My homeroom students are invited to order books from the Scholastic Books Catalog.  Please make you selections by Friday, November 13.  You may order online or send in cash (exact change, please) with your order form.  Your orders provide our classroom with FREE books for everyone to enjoy!
3.  Because I have Montessori certification classes each day after school, math tutorial will be cancelled for the week.

Have a wonderful weekend,
Mr. Trent

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