Saturday, October 3, 2015

The Week of October 5, 2015

You've made it to the last week of the first term!  Who would have thought that 8 short weeks ago you were starting your first day of 6th grade!?  You have come a long way since then, and I'm excited to see how you grow over the remainder of the year.

This week is promising to be great!  In math, we will use what we've discussed concerning proportions to help us convert between different units of measurement.  We will talk about both the customary and metric units of weight, capacity, and length.  I think you'll find that, by using proportions, doing measurement  conversions is a snap!  You will have some homework to complete Monday and Tuesday evening.  Our geometry shelf will be transformed into a series of mini-labs you can complete using measurement tools to become more comfortable using appropriate units, understanding conversions, and relating the metric and customary units to real-life situations.   Feel free to explore these labs during your work period this week.  These, and other class activities, will get us ready for a measurement quiz on Thursday, October 8.  This LearnZillion site has a wonderful explanation of conversions of measurements.  Check out this great document for more practice with measurement (page 6 focuses specifically on using proportions to convert measuremnts):

In addition to our studies on measurement, we will take time this final week of the term to review all of the topics we've covered so far in both math and science.  In your planner you will find a series of "I Can" statements that we have written daily to focus our learning goals.  The following booklet includes each of these statements and opportunities for you to "show what you know".  Throughout this week, please use this booklet to assess your understanding of these topics.  After you complete each statement, give yourself a check minus, check, or check plus to identify your mastery of that particular skill.  You can use this self-check as a way of identifying skills you have both mastered and others that are still providing you with some frustrations.  I will be providing small-group review lessons on these topics throughout the week during your work time.  Feel free to join any lessons you feel would be beneficial to you.  This completed booklet is due Friday, October 9.   Since Friday is the last day of the term, this particular assignment cannot be handed in late.  The completed booklet will be counted as a "participation" test grade in both math and science.  That means if you complete it, you get a 100% on it!  This is a perfect way to end the term with two strong grades!  Here is a copy of the booklet:

There are a few items to keep in mind this last week of the term:

1.  I do not take off points for late assignments, but any missing work must be handed in by the last day of the term (Friday) to earn credit.  Any missing work not handed in at that time will earn a score of zero.  I will staple a list of missing work to your planner Monday morning.  If I don't give you a list, you have completed all required assignments.

2.  If you have not already done so, please return your parent/teacher/student conference request form.

3.  You will NOT have a Google Classroom journal assignment this week.  Please also notice (because of our focus on reviewing term 1 topics) you will NOT have a science quiz this week.

Have a nice weekend,
Mr. Trent

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