Monday, September 14, 2015

The Week of September 15, 2015

I trust that you are enjoying your day off!  I'm enjoying my time here in the classroom planning another fun week for you!

Last week our math lessons included practice dividing decimals.  This week, we will work with dividing fractions.  There is an awesome Montessori material we can use to help us understand this skill that I am excited to show you:  The large, black fraction skittles.  You will have some classwork and homework (due Wednesday and Thursday) to give you practice dividing fractions.  You will NOT have a math quiz this week.  Here is a quick overview of the process:

Our science studies will continue to involve soil.  I have a fun lab that involves identification of pH levels that I will share with you.  Warning: It's a bit smelly!  Your "Rake the Leaves" choice sheet is due Friday. Please be sure to complete at least two choices on the sheet.   Use your Soil Study Guide to help you prepare for your soil test that will take place Friday.

We will start a weekly journal assignment this week.  Each week, you will have a journal prompt to complete in Google Classroom.  This response can be done anytime throughout the week as classwork or homework.  Please have it submitted by Friday.  I will respond to your work via the Google Classroom "comments" feature once it has been sent to me.

Finally, if you are in my homeroom, please remember that your Scholastic Book Orders are due Friday.  You can use the order form I gave you two weeks ago, or you can order online HERE

See you Tuesday morning,
Mr. Trent

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