Friday, August 29, 2014

The Week of September 1, 2014

Welcome to the first week of September!  It's a short week this week because of the holiday, so let's hit the ground running on Tuesday!

In math, we will use our knowledge of greatest common factor to help us better understand the distributive property.  Check out this video from for a little introduction to the process.

The Distributive Property: The Distributive Property

You will have some homework and classwork to complete this week, but (since it is a short week) you will not have a quiz or a journal assignment on distributive property.  Your homework will be graded, though.  Please take it seriously.  You will also have a Compass Learning assignment to complete by Friday.  You will not have a Compass Learning assignment this week.

Prime factorization is very helpful when performing the distributive property.

In science, we will start our investigation of rocks and the rock cycle!  After an introductory lesson on Tuesday, I will give you the following choice sheet to complete over the next two weeks.  

You will have a vocabulary quiz Friday, September 5th on the following words.  There are A LOT of them (and one less night to study), so please review them nightly so you are ready for the quiz.

The Rock Cycle Vocabulary List

Your final rock cycle test will take place next Friday, September 12.  You can use the above vocabulary list and the following study guide to help you prepare.

Progress reports will be sent home Tuesday.  Please review them with your family, sign, and return them to your homeroom teacher Wednesday.  Please refer to my Grading Procedures for more information about classroom grades.  You can view individual classwork and test grades at any time by logging into PowerSchool Parent Access.

We will be taking a field trip to Skidaway Island State Park on Friday, September 12.  Permission slips will be sent home Monday Tuesday.  Please return them and $2 by Friday.

As always, I've updated the classroom calendar with all these important due dates.  Please keep your planner updated, too.

Enjoy your holiday weekend!

I'll see you Tuesday morning,
Mr. Trent

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