Saturday, August 16, 2014

The Week of August 18, 2014

We've spent a lot of time practicing our procedures over the past week.  Now it is time to put all that preparation to good use as we start our first week of lessons and workperiods.  I'm trusting you to follow the procedures we've put in place to ensure that everyone has the ability to lean in a peaceful and smoothly-running environment.  Let's get started!

Your math lessons this week will include finding the least common multiple of a set of numbers.  We will use the peg board material to help us understand the concept.  You will have homework to complete Monday and Tuesday night.  Your first math quiz of the year will take place Thursday!  I will also be providing some small group lessons based upon your MAP test results.  Your followup will vary depending on you lesson.  Please compete all small group lesson followup by Friday.  If you need some extra practice finding LCM, feel free to refer to this sheet (the answers are found at the bottom of the page):

We will also continue our math journal work this week. Please complete each step of the journaling process each day.  You will give this to me Thursday, and I will return it to you Friday for you to review my comments on your work.

In science, we will start our earth studies lessons by investigating minerals!  After a lesson on Monday, I will set you free to explore all you can about minerals for the next two weeks!  To help guide your studies, please complete the following choice sheet.  Your three choices will be due next Friday.

Minerals Tic Tac Toe 

You will have two assessment grades associated with our work with minerals.  This Friday, you will have a vocabulary quiz on the following words:

Your second test grade will be about what you've learned during your minerals studies.  I will teach you some note taking skills to help you organize your thoughts.  I will also provide you with the following study guide:

You will also have the opportunity to do a lab where you will identify unknown minerals based upon their characteristics.  You will perform a number of tests that will give you the data necessary to name the mineral.  Check out this video to see how to identify an unknown mineral:

Identifying Minerals

I know this seems like A LOT to remember!  To help you keep it all organized, please keep the following in mind:

1.  The daily and weekly schedule is written on the board.
2.  Please copy your daily "I can" statement and homework into your planner for each class.  Your planner is kept in your travel folder and will be taken home with you nightly.
3.  I keep the calendar updated on this blog.  It includes all important tests and assignment due dates.  You can find the classroom calendar by clicking on the "Calendar" button at the top of this page.
4.  All upcoming graded items are shown on PowerSchool (the online shared grade book).  If you have not created your account, please see Ms. Ester in the office for your username and password.  

Have a wonderful weekend!

Mr. Trent


  1. This looks like fun. Thank you for providing the information for easy reference.
    Mrs. Lewis