Wednesday, August 13, 2014

In Important Message from Ms. Tanya about Dismissal

Please note this important message from Ms. Tanya about dismissal procedures:

Arrival Times:
-Students may enter the foyer at 7:15 AM but will not be released to class until 7:25 AM.  
-Breakfast begins at 7:25 AM and ends at 7:50 AM. (late bus children may still receive breakfast). 
-The morning Bell Time is 7:55 AM and all children must be in their classroom at this time. 
-Tardy slips are issued beginning  
-7:56 AM. Exceptions will be made due to inclement weather or other traffic issues that back up the carpool line (at administrations discretion)or delayed buses.

Dismissal Times:
-Dismissal begins at 2:45 PM
-ALL Bus Students will be dismissed at 2:45 PM
-Then Walker parents in Foyer will be released to collect children from the classroom all parents must have signed in and display a sticker.
-Then outside walkers will be released to the side gate on Migillicudy for collection by parent. Children who are escorted to the crossing guard will meet Ms. Melody beside the Media Center Door. All other walkers are released through the front door (Please remember you must have a signed letter for independent walker in your file.)
-Then All Car-riders are released
-Pryme Tyme is released at 2:55 PM
-Carpool ends at 3:00 PM. Exceptions to carpool will be made dependent on weather and other traffic issues. When the line has ceased then phone calls will be made by the supervising teacher in the front office.

Rainy Day Dismissal:
-2:45 PM Parents in Foyer are released to collect children from classroom (must sign in and display sticker)
-2:45 PM ALL BUS STUDENTS are released to the MPR
-All Independent Walkers are dismissed  
-Then Begins calls for carpool
-2:55 PM Pryme Tyme is dismissed

-3:00 PM Remaining car riders are brought to the foyer

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