Friday, March 28, 2014

The Week of March 31, 2014

Get ready for an action-packed week at Ellis!  The highlight of the week will be our field trip to Riverstreet on Friday!  Be sure to bring your $3.00 and permission slip into your homeroom teacher by Wednesday.

Before we go down to the river, we have a lot to do on 49th street.  In math this week we will be reviewing the lessons we've had on ratios and proportions.  We will have three focuses:

1.  ratios

In addition to our daily classwork, you will also have homework Monday and Tuesday night from your "Putting It All Together" review booklet.  Your Compass Learning activities will also be tailored to your individual needs associated with ratios and proportions.  All of this work will help you prepare for a quiz on ratios and proportions this Thursday.

In science we will take a break from our regular choice sheet assignments to complete an informative essay about the similarities and differences between the inner and outer planets.  The following handout will guide you through the writing process:

In addition to the documents located in the handout, you will need to do some research in other places, too.  A lot of information can be found in the media center, on the Internet, and on our own Montessori shelf in the classroom.  To get you started, check out this great guide to our solar system created by the Sydney Observatory:

A Guide to the Solar System

We will work on this essay in class this week.  Your final copy must be submitted with your planning pages and rough draft by Friday, April 4th.  This essay will be counted as a test grade in science.  I'm looking forward to seeing your scientific writing skills!

Have a wonderful weekend,
Mr. Trent

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