Saturday, March 22, 2014

The Week of March 24, 2014

Welcome to the last week of March!  If April goes as fast as March has, it will be May before we know it!  It almost makes my head spin!

This week in math we will continue our review of number sense by looking at the following topics:

- Fraction Computation
- Least Common Multiple
- Greatest Common Factor

You will have some homework to complete Monday and Tuesday night.  This homework will be in a handy-dandy review booklet that I've created for you.  The booklet has practice problems, a space for you to record your Compass Learning activities, and a list of online resources you can use to review what you've learned this year.  We will be working through this booklet in both math and science for the remainder of the year, so please keep it safe in your travel folder at all times.

Your first math quiz of the term will take place on Thursday.  It will include questions about decimal computation, fraction computation, least common multiple, greatest common factor, and identifying ordered pairs on a coordinate plane.  You can use your PIN folder and your math review sheets to prepare for this quiz.

In science, we will continue our work on the amazing relationship between the Earth, Sun, and Moon.  I will give you a lesson on eclipses that will help you further understand the difference between a solar and lunar eclipse.  Your "Lunar Lunchbox" choice sheet will be due on Friday.  You will also have a test on Friday based on your work with the Earth, Sun, and Moon.  Please use your study guide to help you prepare for this test.

On Monday, we will be taking the final science OAS.  While this is not graded, please try your best because it will help you identify areas in science that you need to focus on this last term of school.

Remember that your report card that was sent home last Friday should be signed and returned to your homeroom teacher Monday.  If required, please be sure to identify days and times your family is available for a 3rd term conference.

Finally, this Friday is a FREE DRESS DOWN DAY!

Enjoy your warm weekend,
Mr. Trent

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