Wednesday, March 12, 2014

The Week of March 17, 2014

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Savannah really shines this time of year, and I hope you've been enjoying all the festivities!

When we come back to school on Tuesday, be ready for some review work in math.  Each week we will be focusing on a different group of concepts that we've studied this year.  An overview of the weekly focuses can be found on our classroom calendar.  Over the next two weeks, we will be focusing on the following "Number System" topics:

1.  Decimal Computation
2.  Fraction Computation
3.  Greatest Common Factor / Least Common Multiple
4.  Graphing on a Coordinate Plane

In addition to classwork practice, you will have an opportunity to do a number of Compass Learning lessons that are tailored to your specific needs.   Because we do not have school Monday, you will only have math homework due Wednesday.  There will be NO MATH QUIZ this week.

In science, we will be studying the special relationship between the Earth, Moon, and Sun.  Such topics will include nuclear fusion, moon phases, and eclipses.

This Friday you will need to know the following words AND MOON PHASES for a quiz.  Please study hard for this quiz because it will be the first grade of the final term in math.  Note that the quiz date is incorrect on this sheet....a correct sheet will be given to you in class.

You will be having a test next Friday on the following notes.

To help you prepare for these tests and help you focus your studies, please complete the following choice sheet by next Friday.  Please note that the due date is incorrect on this sheet.  You will get a correct sheet on Tuesday in class.

I will be at a workshop all day Wednesday.  I expect an exceptional grace and courtesy report for the substitute in the classroom.

Ms. Carol and I will be sending home term 3 conference request forms in the near future.  Please identify the days and times you are available and return them to me ASAP.

Enjoy the rest of your Spring Break!
Mr. Trent

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