Monday, September 23, 2013

New Traffic Pattern Alert!

Please take note of the following message from the Ellis PTA:

During our PTA meeting, Thursday, September 19th city officials were in attendance to present the traffic plan for drop-off and dismissal.  Please understand that these changes will require all of us to work together for the safety and well being of the children.  This process will be a reeducation of how our drop-off and dismissal procedures will flow.  In an effort to improve safety near and around CEMA during morning drop-off and most importantly during dismissal, we are asking parents to adopt and adhere to the following (see map for reference):
Parents of Carpool Riders – those who drop-off/pick-up at the front of the school
  • Enter 49th Street from the east at Reynolds
  • Do not enter 49th Street off of Habersham or Battey
  • Pull close to the curb when in line and at the passenger loading zone in front of the school
  • Carpool parents do not get out of the vehicle in the passenger-loading zone
  • Exit at Habersham, do not turn onto McGillicuddy Street
  • There should be no traffic at all on McGillicuddy or Battey Streets during these times
Parents of Walkers – those that pick-up at the walkers gate, McCauley Park (circle park) or like to park and walk to pick-up their children
  • No parking on 49th Street between Reynolds and Battey
  • No parking on Battey between 48th Street and 50th Street
  • Please park south of 49th Street on 50th or around the circle and use the crosswalk on 49th Street
  • Please pick-up children from the gate on McGillicuddy Steet
  • Walk along the east side of the circle using the sidewalk.
  • There should be no traffic at all on McGillicuddy or Battey Streets during these times

The above plan is in effect from 8:00am – 8:30am and 2:30pm – 4:00pm.  It is necessary to have 100% compliance of the above plan to prevent pedestrian and/or vehicle incidents, as well as issuance of citations.  Metro will be working with us to enforce obstruction of traffic.  In following with our Montessori philosophy, we ask that you keep grace and courtesy at the forefront as we all adjust to this new plan.  Offer one another friendly reminders and hold each other accountable.  The purpose of these changes is to benefit our children and improve the current level of safety.  We thank you all for your cooperation and support of these changes.

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