Sunday, December 2, 2012

The Week of December 3, 2012

Welcome to the first full week of December!  In math we will be continuing our work with exponents, but will be adding the challenge of using order of operations to solve equations!  Don't worry, we'll have plenty of practice doing so this week!  You will have homework due Tuesday and Wednesday.  On Thursday, you will have a quiz.  On Friday, your one Compass Learning choice is  due.  Here is an explanation of what we will be doing:

Order of Operations

Would you like some more practice with order of operations?  Check out the following sheets...the answers are on the last pages.

Order of Operations Practice

In science, we will continue our work with currents, waves, and tides.  It is very important that you use your worktime this week of discover the following:

1.  What are waves, currents, and tides?
2.  How do waves, currents, and tides form?
3.  How are waves, currents, and tides similar and different?

Your "Seafood Feast" choice sheet should guide you as you discover these questions.  It will be due this Friday.  In addition to these choices, please prepare for your test on waves, currents, and tides this Friday.  You can use your notes we took last Monday as your study guide.  Finally, please complete your science journal by Thursday.

I'm sure you are looking forward to our field trip to the Mighty Eighth Air Force Museum on Wednesday!  Please remember to pack a lunch (or you can grab one from the cafeteria before we leave).  If you have not returned your permission slip or money ($5), please do so by tomorrow.  Check out this great video introducing you to this amazing place:

In addition to our field trip, there are a number of other things going on this week:

Tuesday, Dec. 4- "Eat Our for Ellis" at Barberitos and Sweet Frogs @ 5:00
Thursday, Dec. 6 - "MESS Holiday Party" @ 6:00, 202 Washington Ave.
Friday, Dec. 7- "Out of Uniform Day" $1.00 to benefit Toys for Tots

Enjoy the rest of your weekend, and i'll see you bright and early tomorrow morning,
Mr. Trent

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