Sunday, December 9, 2012

The Week of December 10, 2012

Can you believe this amazing weather?  How lucky are we to live in such a place where you can wear shorts in December?!  I'm just taking a quick break to update the blog with your items for the week, then I am headed outside to enjoy the day!

In math this week, we will be continuing our investigation about algebraic equations.  Instead of simply solving equations, we are going to try our hand at writing our own!  We will start by taking a look at key words that will help us choose which operations to use in our equations.  Here is a list of common operations:

Addition- add, plus, sum, total, increased by, more than
Multiplication- product, times, multiply of
Subtract- minus, difference, subtract, less than, decreased by
Division- divide, quotient

We will use these words to create our own equations when reading word-problems.  This can be a bit tricky, but we will work through this together.  I'm going to need you to be on task at all times to get this complex skill.  Here is a video that is a good overview of the process:

You will have homework Monday and Tuesday night.  Be ready for some graded classwork during the day, also.  We will check your understanding with a quiz next Tuesday (December 18).   In addition to this work please be sure to complete you weekly Compass Learning choice.

In science, we've recently been spending a lot of time focusing on the world's oceans.  This week we will start looking at other sources of water on Earth.  I'll present the following lesson on Monday:

Please study these vocabulary words for a test on Friday (December 14).
Earth's Water Vocabulary

To guide you along with your research, please complete at least 3 choices on the "Drop in the Bucket" sheet.  It is due on WEDNESDAY, December 18th!

Drop in the Bucket Choice Sheet

There are a lot of other exciting things happening at Ellis this week, too!

Monday, Dec. 10- Holiday Book Fair opens in the Media Center!
Thursday, Dec. 13- PTA Meeting and Holiday Concert (6:30 in MPR)
Friday, Dec. 14- Dress down day (last Friday of the month) & Middle School Dance (Be sure you have your permission form signed and returned if you plan on attending).

Enjoy the rest of your beautiful weekend!

Mr. Trent

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