Monday, November 19, 2012

Progress Reports are Coming Your Way!

Progress reports have been sent home today, and there is a lot to review in them:

1.  Read the coversheet and sign it.
2.  Sign the Mighty 8th Airforce Museum permission slip.  The money ($5.00) isn't due until Dec. 2.
3.  Review the SRI report and sign it.  The fieldtrip will take place on December 5.
4.  Read the Montessori Education Society of Savannah holiday party invite.  RSVP by calling the number listed if you are planning on attending.  It should be a really good time!
5.  Peruse the grade reports for each subject.  The average (as of this morning) is printed at the top.  Individual grades for each assignment are printed next.  If there are any missing assignments  I've made another copy and attached it to the packet.  Please be sure to complete these assignments tonight and turn them in tomorrow to be graded.   
6.  Review the attached workplans taking note of what we've been studying.  Remember, homework should be written on the back daily.
7.  If you have any questions or concerns, please write them on the cover sheet of the report.

Please keep the entire packet stapled together.  We will keep them on file here at school and you are more than welcome to come in and review them at any time.

All progress reports must be returned to school tomorrow (Tuesday, November 20)

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