Sunday, August 26, 2012

The Week of August 26, 2012

Welcome to your first week of school!  I must confess that ever since open house on Friday, I have been extremely excited to get back to school.  It was so nice seeing former students and meeting new ones.  I also enjoyed hearing about how parents were looking forward to the year beginning, too!

Please remember that this year classes will begin at 8:30.  You are more than welcome to come to class anytime from 8:00 until then, but will be marked late if you get here after 8:30.  At 3:00 we will begin to dismiss.  Because of the construction of our new schoolyard (YAY) dismissal will be a bit different.  Bus riders and Pryme Time procedures will remain the same as before, but car riders and walkers will go to the following areas:

We will spend the majority of time together this week getting to know each other, learning the classroom procedures, and getting ourselves organized.

If you have supplies, please bring them along with you into the classroom Monday morning.  We will work together to organize them.  Any missing supplies must be brought to school by Friday, Aug. 31.

You will be getting an orange handbook that will tell you important information about the upcoming year.  Inside the front cover, there is a stapled packet that must also be reviewed.  Please sign the following items and return them to your homeroom teacher ASAP:
1.  The Code of Conduct signature page (the last page of the orange booklet)
2.  The Classroom Procedures signature page
3.  Montessori Academy Contract
4.  Phys. Ed. Permission form (this page must be completed before you can attend Phys. Ed)
5.  The Walking Fieldtrip permission slip
6.  Student Insurance application (optional)

You can find copies of the Code of Conduct, Classroom Procedures, and many other important files on my Scribd page.

In math, we will be taking the Montessori GAT so I can discover your strengths and needs so I can plan small group lessons for next week.  In science, we will take a look at the different domains of Earth Science that we will be studying this year.  I also have an interesting activity that will help you realize the interconnectedness of both living and nonliving things.

Your only homework for this week will be to review those important documents and have them signed and returned.

Oh, and don't forget:  Friday is an "Out of Uniform" Day!

Enjoy your last day of summer vacation!  I'll see you in the morning,
Mr. Trent

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