Sunday, April 22, 2012

Welcome to the Week of April 23!

Hello, Bobcats!  It's the last week of April already!  Lets work together to make this the best week of the entire year!

In math, we will be focusing on word problems that we can solve using ratios/proportions.  The math computation itself isn't too tricky, but deciding how to solve each word problem can be a challenge.  It is really important that you are sticking with me and taking our lessons very seriously so we can best take advantage of the short time we have together.  Check out this website for some GREAT information about solving ratio/proportion word problems.  In addition, here is a great video showing you how to solve such word problems:
In science, we will finish up talking about natural resources.  While we will NOT have a test on this information, please do your best work on your choice sheet to show me all you have been studying about the resources our planet give us to make our lives better.  Your four choices will be due Friday.  Click on the picture below to be taken to the US Energy Information Administration website that is full of fun games and information all about the resources we have here in the United States.

Please keep in mind that I am also expecting you to complete another geometry sky tower assignment this week.  Again, do not fall behind with this activity.  It helps you learn important geometric vocabulary that you will be using well into high school.  Also, don't forget about!  I've updated it with some proportion problems for you to try.

Finally, A great way to celebrate a week of hard work is with a dress down day on Friday!

See you tomorrow,
Mr. Trent

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