Sunday, March 18, 2012

The Week of March 18

I'm back from DC!  I had a great time at the GK-12 conference.  I have a lot of pics to share with you of my trip.  I'll make sure to set aside some time this week for a little show and tell time :)

It's no surprise that we have a really busy week coming up.  In math, we will be starting our discussion about finding volume of geometric solids.  This week, we will only focus on finding volume of cubes, rectangular prisms, and pyramids.  Here is a great formula table (from you can use to find the volume of a variety of solids:

Be on the lookout for a number of math homework assignments this week.  We will have a quiz on what we've talked about on Thursday.  Also, i'm expecting you to finish another geometric skytower sort by Friday.  Finally, be sure you are doing as many questions on as you can.

In science, we will be continuing our discussions about stars.  Monday, I will speak about galaxies, and we will be using the Cornell method of note taking.  Be sure to be studying your notes from last Monday, and the ones we take tomorrow so you will be ready for your chapter test on stars this Friday.  Here are some notes on galaxies:

galaxy- a collection of gas, dust, and stars
Types of galaxies:
elliptical- 1/3 of all galaxies, many look like spheres.  Contain old stars.
spiral galaxy- have a bulge in the center and arms that spiral off of it.  Our Milky Way is an example of a spiral galaxy.  Our solar system is on the Orion arm of the Milky Way.
irregular galaxy-  These galaxies don’t fit into any other class. 

There are a few other things happening this week, too:
1.  Monday will be a dress-down day for $1.00.  All the proceeds will go towards the "Kiss a Pig" campaign.
2.  Parent/Teacher conferences are coming up at the end of the month.  I will be sending home conference request forms.  Please return them to your homeroom teacher ASAP so you can get your desired time and day.
3.  We will take the science Quarterly Assessment online sometime within the next few days.
4.  Friday is a busy day.  It is another dress down day, spring picture day, and our fieldtrip that Coach Leslie organized to Armstrong Atlantic University's PE Adventure.  I'll give you more information about how we will coordinate picture day and our field trip as soon as the details fall together.

That's it!  Let's get this week started!
Mr. Trent

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