Friday, March 30, 2012

The Week of April 2, 2012

Happy Week Before Spring Break!  I hope you are ready or a great four-day week.  I have a lot of exciting activities planned.

In math, we will finish up our geometry work by talking about volume of cones.  Here is the formula we will use during our lessons:
\volume of a cone

Volume of a cone = 1/3 * π * r 2 * h
where π = pi = 3.14159...
r = radius of the circular base
h = height of the cone

Be expecting some math homework this week.  These will be the first grades on your final term reportcard, so work hard to keep the 100% everyone starts the term with!  I've updated with some new review lessons.  Please spend your free time working on these lessons.

In science, we will be finishing up our work with outer space.  We will focus on comets, meteors, meteroites, meteoroids, and asteroids.  You will also be given plenty of time to finish up your research papers on the planets in our solar system.  I'm very excited to read what you have discovered about our amazing corner of the Milky Way!  We will not have a quiz/test this week in science, but your research paper will be due Thursday.

The book fair ends this week, so be sure to visit the media center to purchase some great books.  Also, if you made your AR goal, there is a FREE book waiting for you!

See you Monday morning,
Mr. Trent

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