Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cumberland Island

I wish you all could have come along to Cumberland Island with me today! I had a great time investigating this beautiful Georgia barrier island. 

Here's a pic from the dock in St. Mary's where I departed from.

The ferry we took to the island got us there in about 45 minutes.

I enjoyed exploring the Dungeness Mansion ruins.

Wild horses roam the island! Here is a cute newborn and its mother.

Look, I found a shark's tooth! It was hidden in the piles of sand dredged from a nearby river to allow room for the submarines from the Kingsland Base to pass.

I explored the beach and dunes looking for shells and seeking examples of wind erosion.

I came across a snake! Can you see it? Don't worry, this one isn't poisonous.
My favorite part of my journey was the maritime forest.  Its twisted trees were amazing!  

If you ever get a chance, visit Cumberland Island.  Coastal Georgia is such a beautiful place to call home!

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