Monday, February 20, 2012

The SHORT week of February 21st

It's a short week coming school on Monday and a half-day Friday!  That's not going to slow us down, because we can squeeze 5 days of fun into 3 and 1/2!

In math, we will be working with geometric solids.  We will start by looking at nets and the type of solids they create.  After that, we will identify the sides, faces, edges, and vertices of each.  This work will prepare us for starting surface area next week.  Get ready to do a lot of cutting and folding!  Check out THIS online tool all about geometric solids.  Finally, don't forget to complete one geometry sky-tower choice.

In science, we will continue investigating historical views of the universe and famous astronomers.  Your three work choices are due this Friday.  In addition, you will have a test on what we have studied on Friday.  Your study guide will simply be the packet I gave you last Monday.  All of your test questions will come from these pages.  Pay careful attention to the questions on the back of the WILL see these again (hint, hint)  Perhaps you could make a foldable to help you prepare?

Let's get this week started!

Mr. Trent

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