Sunday, January 22, 2012

The Week of January 22, 2012

We've hit the halfway point of the school year!  I hope you are ready for a great week at Ellis.  First, we will be having our Quarterly Assessments this week.  The tests will be used to see how much you learned so far this year and even give us an idea of what we should focus your lessons on for the rest of the year.  We will have the science test on Monday, the Reading/Language Arts on Wednesday, and the Math on Thursday.  Please take these tests seriously and try your best.

In science class, we will continue our work with waves, currents, and tides.  Your notes we took last Monday will be your study guide for the test you will be having on Friday.  Here is another copy just in case you need it:

What are currents?
            A current is a movement of water that follows a regular pattern

Why do currents follow a path?
            1.  Weather
Global winds blowing across the ocean cause surface currents
2.  The Earth’s Rotation
Coriolis Effect- The earth’s rotation causes currents in the northern hemisphere to turn clockwise and currents in the southern hemisphere to turn counter clockwise.
3.  Position of the continents
As currents approach continents, they are deflected (change direction)

But what about currents deep within the ocean?
            Deep currents are caused by changes in density.
Changes in temperature and salinity causes deep water currents to move deep under the ocean.

How do currents affect the climate?
            1.  Warm Water Currents
Create warmer climates in coastal areas that would otherwise be much cooler
2.  Cold Water Currents
Create cooler climates in coastal areas that would otherwise be much warmer


What causes waves?
Waves are caused when wind blows across
the water’s surface and transfers energy to the water.

The waves move across water, but the water below it actually stays in place.

What are some different types of waves?
            1.  Open Ocean Waves
Happen far out in the deep ocean.
2.  Tsunamis
Waves that from when a large volume of water is suddenly moved up and down.
3.  Storm Surges
A rise in sea level near the shore caused by strong winds associated with a storm
4.  Longshore
- when waves hit the shore at an angle, it causes water to move along the shore in a current
Erodes beaches and transports pollution

What are tides?
            Daily changes in the level of ocean water.

What causes tides?
            Tides are influenced by the gravitational pull of the sun and the moon.

What are the different types of tides?
            1.  High tide
occurs on the part of the Earth that is closest to the moon. A matching high tide will be happening on the opposite side of the earth.
2.  Low tide
Occurs on the part of the earth that is a right angle from the moon.
3.  Spring Tides
Tides with the largest daily tidal range. 
Occur during new and full moons (every 14 days)
4.  Neap Tides
Tides with the smallest daily tidal range
Occurs when sun, Earth and moon form a 90 degree angle.
Happen halfway between Spring Tides

In math, we will continue to talk about perimeter and area, but we will be working with composite figures.  Composite figures are made when you combine regular polygons together to create some interesting shapes.  Get ready to really put those formulas for perimeter and area to work!  We will be having a lot of classwork and a few pieces of homework to help you get a strong understanding to this sometime confusing skill.  Remember, this is the first week of the 3rd term of the school year.  All grades taken starting this week will be part of your 3rd term report card grade.  You are starting the term with an A+!  Work hard to keep it as high as you can!

A few other notes about this week:
1.  It is Dollars for Disasters Week!  Bring in some loose change you wish to donate to the Red Cross.  The classroom that raises the most amount of money will will a pizza party from Ms. Carla.
2.  Parent/Teacher conferences start this week.  If you need a reminder of when your conference is scheduled, please see me ASAP.
3.  A PTA meeting will take place this Thursday in the MRP at 6:30.  I'd like to see you there!
4.  Friday is a dress-down day!  Hooray!  

Everyone have a wonderful week,
Mr. Trent

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