Monday, May 9, 2011

The Cast of "The Story of Language" (Mr. Trent's Class)

Congratulations to the following people for earning roles in the upcoming musical.  It was REALLY hard casting the skits because everyone who tried out did a wonderful job!  Remember, if you didn't get a speaking or acting role, you can still be on stage helping with props and singing our two songs.

PJ – Chase M.
Charlemagne – Lucy A. 
Priest 1 – Emma V.
Priest 2 – Zach S.
Priest 3 – Reggina C.
Gutenberg – Chandler N.
Apprentice – Maya N.
Servant 1 – Jamari K.
Servant 2 – Skyler W.
Servant 3 – Ryan M. 
Clock Holder – Victoria J.

Please start memorizing your parts now, we will begin rehearsal this week.  If you need another copy of the script, you can find it on last week's blog posts.

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