Monday, March 14, 2011

Week of March 14, 2011

Happy Pi Day!

This week is a short week because of St. Patrick's Day; we only have school until Wednesday.  For the three short days we are in the classroom, we will be focusing on the Big Bang Theory in science and circumference/area of circles in math.  You will have homework in math Monday and Tuesday night.  Wednesday, you will have a quiz in science based on the work we do in class and the following notes: 

Mr. Trent’s Class –March 13, 2011
CosmologyCosmology is the study of how the universe beganBased on careful observations and measurementsMost cosmologists believe a "big bang" caused the universe to expand in all directions.

What is the "Big Bang Theory"?The theory that the universe started with a big bang.About 14 billion years ago, all the contents of the universe were squeezed into a very small space.The high pressure and temperature caused a HUGE explosion.

After the Big Bang…The light elements formed, like heliumThe forces of nature were created, like gravityThe beginnings of galaxies came into being

Big Bang EvidenceThe expansion of the universeRadiation waves that are picked up by telescopes are believed to be left over energy from the big bang.

What will happen to our universe in the future?Some scientist believe the universe will continue to expand.The stars will slowly die out and our universe will become cold and dark.

Review QuestionsHow old is our universe?How does the expansion of the universe support the big bang theory?List three things that formed by a few minutes after the big bangWhat might happen to our universe in the future?


  1. Love the new blog. Thanks very much, Mr. Trent. Has helped us out a lot at home.
    Lori and Emma

  2. Thanks, Lori and Emma! It really is a lot of fun sharing all the great things going on at Ellis.

  3. Is the test a multiple question test or a test where you give the questions above and we have to answer them?
    Maya .N

  4. The test will be 10 True/False questions.