Friday, December 16, 2011

It's the Most Wonderful Time of the Year

A favorite holiday tradition at Ellis is the school-wide sing along! 70 degree weather in December really makes you want to sing!

Holiday Fun!

It looks like we have a bunch of people on Santa's "good list" this year!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All Assignments Due Friday

Please hand in any work you may still owe by Friday.  This includes choice-sheet work, Albanesi cards, follow-up work, homework, science fair projects, or Accelerated Math.  It's best to start the new year off with a clean slate!

Monday, December 12, 2011

Let it Snow!

It snowed symmetrical snowflakes in our classroom! Can you identify bilateral, point, and radial symmetry in these snowflakes?

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Virtual Snowflakes

Make some neat snowflake-inspired art at this site.  Can you identify the lines of symmetry in your creations?

The Week of December 12

It's the most wonderful time of the year!

I hope you are ready for a week of holiday fun!  Starting Monday, we will be turning our classroom into a winter wonderland as we investigate symmetry. Mr. Brandon will also be here to share with you symmetry found in the ocean.  On Tuesday, Mr. Brian will visit our room to get us started sharing our science fair projects.  Don't forget that all library books are due Tuesday, as well.  On Wednesday and Thursday we will finish up presenting our projects, talk a bit more about symmetry, and investigate where water is found on our planet.  Friday will be a really fun day where we will play games, do some holiday crafts, and exchange our secret pal gifts!  Our week will end with the Annual Ellis Sing Along on the front steps of the school.  It's one of the many traditions that helps make this time of year extra special.

I'm looking forward to this last week before holiday break.  I hope you are, too!

Mr. Trent

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Library Books Due

All library books must be returned to the library by Tuesday, December 13th for inventory. 

Water Depth & Water Mass Investigations

Today, students simulated the ocean at different depths to find the connection between depth and water mass.

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Thanks for Visiting!

A thousand thanks!  Well, actually, TWO thousand thanks!  We've reached over 2,000 visiters to!  I really enjoy sharing with you all the great things going on in our classroom. 

Secret Santa Book Exchange

Today, we chose names for our Secret Santa book exchange.  We will exchange our presents next Friday.  Please bring in a new or "like new" book for your secret pal on December 16th. 

Science Fair

Mr. Brian has been helping us create science fair projects. When completed, we will present our findings to our classmates.

Monday, December 5, 2011

Holiday Book Exchange

We are planning a holiday book exchange in our classroom.  On Tuesday, those who would like to participate, will put their names and interests in a hat.  We will take turns pulling names as random to see who you will be matched with.  Secret Santas will purchase a book for their partner to be wrapped and delivered on Friday, December 16.  Remember, keep your partner a's part of the fun!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

The Week of December 5, 2011

Did you go to the Christmas parade on Broughton Street this weekend?  I did, and it really got me in the holiday spirit!  I hope that you take some time over the next few weeks to make these days special for you.

I have a fun week planned for you at Ellis this week.  In math, we will be making a holiday gift list and calculating sales prices and tax.  After you make your list, I will "check it twice".  Expect some homework associated with it, and a quiz on Thursday.  Here are some Howcast videos to show you how it's done:

In science, we will finish up our work concerning undersea topography.  Your four choices from "Go Fish" will be due Friday.  In addition, you will have a test on all we've talked about on Friday.  Here is a copy of the study guide (and the diagram) that I will also give you Monday:
  1. I. How do scientist study the ocean floor?
    1. The ocean floor can be as much at 11,000 meters below the surface!
    2. b‭.‬ ROV’s (Remotely Operated Vehicles)
    3. c‭.‬ SONAR (Sound Nagivation And Ranging)
    4. d‭.‬ Satellites  (Geosat- once a top secret military satellite)
    5. II. What are the two major regions of the ocean?
    6. a‭.‬ Continental Margin-  the edge of a continent that is covered by water.
    7. b‭.‬ Deep-ocean Basin-  begins at the edge of the continental margin and extends under the deepest parts of the ocean.
    8. III. The Continental Shelf
    9. a‭.‬ What is it?  Starts at the shoreline and slopes gently toward open ocean (200 m)
    10. b‭.‬ Where is it located?  The Continental Margin
    11. IV. The Continental Slope
    12. a‭.‬ What is it?  The steepest part of the continental margin.  (200 m – 4,000 m)
    13. b‭.‬ Where is it located?  Begins at the edge of the continental shelf and continues to continental rise
    14. V. The Continental Rise
    15. a‭.‬ What is it?  The boundary between the continental margin and the deep-ocean basin.
    16. b‭.‬ Where is it located?  The base of the continental slope
    17. VI. The Abyssal Plain
    18. a‭.‬ What is it?  Flat, almost level part of the ocean basin
    19. b‭.‬ Where is it located?  Between continental margins in deep ocean
    20. VII. The Mid-Ocean Ridge
    21. a‭.‬ What is it?  A long mountain chain that forms from moving tectonic plates
    22. b‭.‬ Where is it located?  Floor of the abyssal plain
    23. VIII. Rift Valley
    24. a‭.‬ What is it?  A crack in the ocean floor where magma rises and cools
    25. b‭.‬ Where is it located?  In the mid-ocean ridge
    26. IX. Ocean Trench
    27. a‭.‬ What is it?  Long, narrow valleys that can be up to 11,000 m deep
    28. b‭.‬ Where is it located?  Where tectonic plates are moving together (subduction)
Click on the diagram for a full-size picture.

This Friday will be a dress down day for $1.00.  All the proceeds will go towards Relay For Life.  See you Monday morning!

Mr. Trent

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Picture Money Due Friday

Please return all picture money (or unwanted pictures) to school by this Friday (December 2).

Sunday, November 27, 2011

The Week of November 28th

Welcome back!  I hope you had an enjoyable Thanksgiving break.  We are beginning my favorite time of the school year.  I really enjoy all the excitement that comes during this time between the holiday breaks.  With that in mind, please remember to always have good purpose in the classroom and use your time wisely.

In math class, we will review fraction computation in preparation for your retest on Wednesday.  It is very important to learn these fraction skills because you will build upon them in upcoming grades.  Ask Ms. Fe about some more study tips you can use to prepare for the test.

In science class, we will dive under the surface of the ocean and take a look at sub-surface topography.  Mr. Brandon is a wonderful resource to help guide your studies on this topic.  On Monday, we will have a lesson and I will give you your vocabulary list and choice sheet.  Your choice sheet will be due next Friday (December 6th)  There will be a vocabulary test this Friday on these words:

abyssal plain-  a large, flat, almost level area of the deep-ocean basin

continental rise- the gently sloping section of the continental margin located between the continental slope and the abyssal plain

continental shelf- the gently sloping section of the continental margin located between the shoreline and the continental slope.

continental slope-  the steeply inclined section of the continental margin located between the continental rise and the continental shelf.

mid-ocean ridge- a long, undersea mountain chain that forms along the floor of the major oceans

ocean trench-  a long, narrow, and steep depression in the ocean floor that forms when one tectonic plate subducts beneath another plate; trenches run parallel to volcanic island chains or to the coastlines of continents; also called a trench or a deep-ocean trench

rift valley-  a long, narrow valley that forms as tectonic plates separate

seamount- a submerged mountain on the ocean floor that is at least 1,000 meters high and that has a volcanic origin.

Here is a copy of the PowerPoint I will show on Monday:

Let's have a great week!
Mr. Trent

Monday, November 21, 2011

Hello from Abu Dhabi!

I've arrived safely to the United Arab Emirates late last evening.  I spent the day today in a section of Abu Dhabi called the Corniche.  The Corniche is a beautiful park that is on the Arabian Gulf.  I had some good food, took some great pictures, and rode around on rented bikes with some friends as the sun set over the water.  I'll add pictures as soon as I'm able to upload them.  I'm excited to share with you how amazing this place is!
Here is a picture of me at the Grand Mosque.  It is HUGE!

Explosive growth all over the city.

A "Gold Bar Machine" in the lobby of the Emirate's Palace Hotel

Getting ready for National Day.  The U.A.E. turns 40 years old on December 2nd!

The world's largest rug in the Grand Mosque.  So plush!

Thanksgiving dinner...traditional Emirate cuisine.  

The world's largest chandelier in the Grand Mosque.

Old meets new:  A traditional dhow boat with the Abu Dhabi skyline across the Arabian Gulf.

UPDATE:  I've just arrived back from the UAE.  I had a wonderful time, and I have some great pics to show you on Monday.  I even have a small surprise for each of you from abroad!  I hope you had a nice break, too!

Friday, November 18, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope you have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving break!  I am very thankful for Charles Ellis and all the students and faculty members who walk its halls.  See you November 28th!

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Multiplication/Division of Fractions Retest

We will have a retest on multiplication & division of fractions on Wednesday, November 30th.  Please study your corrected test and the study guide that I attached to it over your holiday break so you are ready to do the best you can on the retest.

Drilling for Oil

Mr. Brandon created an activity that allowed us to simulate drilling for oil below the ocean. What are the problems and potential solutions to mining this fossil fuel?

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Manager's Choice Lunch Menu

TODAY 11/15/11    Tuesday

11/16/11      Wednesday

11/18/11    Friday

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Congratulations to the Ellis Flag Football Team!

Our very own Ellis Flag Football team has won the district championship!  Congrats!

The Wondrous Week of November 14th

It's a great time of year to consider reasons to be thankful.  I'm thankful for the opportunity to spend my days with the great students at Ellis!  I'm looking forward to a productive week of learning and fun.

In math, we will be spending our time discovering how to multiply and divide fractions.  We will start by using our fraction bars to do the should be able to multiply and divide fractions without even picking up a pencil!  After we have used the fraction pieces, we will then move on to doing it the paper/pencil way. You will have some math homework and a quiz on multiplication/division of fractions on Thursday. Here's a video some crazy college kids made about multiplying and dividing fractions that you may find enjoyable.  DUDE!

Get ready for a super fun week in science!  We will be talking all about fossils!  Mr. Brandon and I will give you a lesson on Monday.  After your lesson, I will give  you a choice sheet to guide your investigations into the world of fossils.  You will need to complete your short choice sheet by Friday, November 18th.  You will also have a quiz on the fossil note on Friday. Your choice sheet and the quiz will be your first science grades for the second term, so do your best to start the term on a good note.  Here is a copy of Monday's Powerpoint:

1.       What is a fossil?
a.      the remains of physical evidence  of an organism preserved by geologic processes
                                                              i.      trace fossil- any naturally preserved evidence of animal activity (footprint, burrows)
                                                            ii.      mold- a cavity in rock where a plant or animal was buried
                                                          iii.      cast- an object created when sediment fills a mold and becomes rock
                                                           iv.      index fossil- fossils of organisms that lived during a relatively short well-defined time.  They can be used to date unknown fossils discovered nearby.  (ammonites, trilobites)
2.       Where can fossils be found?
a.      rocks- hard parts of organisms are preserved in hardened sediment
b.      amber- hardened tree sap (amber) can trap and preserve insects
c.       petrification- a process in which minerals replace an organisms tissues
d.      asphalt- thick pools of asphalt can bubble to the surface of the earth trapping organisms in them (La Brea asphalt deposits in Los Angeles California)
e.      frozen fossils- cold temperatures slow down decay and can preserve organisms trapped in ice.
3.       How can we use fossils to interpret the past?
a.      fossil record- an incomplete history of organisms on earth created by discoveries of fossils
b.      environmental changes- fossils of certain plants and animals can show how climate and temperature has changed in areas over millions of years
c.       changing organisms- fossils can show how organisms have changed and adapted throughout history
d.      continental drift- similar fossils on different continents help support the theory of continental drift

A few other notes:  this Friday is picture retake day.  It is also a dress-down day for everyone.

See you Monday morning!

Mr. Trent

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Career Day

A special thank you to all the speakers who visited out classroom today to tell us about their jobs. We heard from a journalist, a soldier, a firefighter, an arborist, and a rocket scientist!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

PowerSchool Grades

I've started adding some grades for this term to the gradebook software.  So far, we've had two graded math assignments.  A science assignment and more math grades will be added next week.  Please stop in at the office and pick up your username and password to access the gradebook.  Only parents with a photo ID can pick up the passwords.  I placed a link to "Power School Parent Access" in the "Useful Sites" section to the right of the screen.  Please let me know if you have any questions.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Where Will the Future Take You?

This Thursday, we will have guest speakers come into our classroom to talk to us about their careers.  It's fun to think about all the paths we can take in life.  I hope hearing these speakers inspires you to think about the career you may wish to peruse in the future.  Ms. Carla will also be talking to you about your career choices over the next few years.

The Week of November 7

Are you ready for a new week?  I hope so, because we are hitting the ground running!  This week, we will focus a lot of our time on math.  We will start out with a review of fractions, decimals, and percents.  We will then move on to adding and subtracting fractions.  You will need to practice this skill so you will be ready for a quiz on Thursday.  The quiz will be the first grade of the second term in math!  Check out this video for a great overview of the skill.

Mr. Brandon will visit you this Monday to talk a bit about landforms created by the movement of the Earth's crust.  You'll want to refer to your "Earth's Changing Face" booklet I gave you last week.

We will not have school on Friday, so I really want you to give me your all the four days class is in session.

I'm looking forward to a productive week!
Mr. Trent

P.S. The first three people to comment on this blog entry telling me one thing they enjoyed about the musical will get a PRIZE!

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Congratulations on a Job Well Done!

I am so proud of all the students involved with Charles Ellis Presents:  God With No Hands!  You've done an amazing job!  I've received a lot of positive feedback concerning the performance.  Be proud of yourself and enjoy a restful weekend; you deserve it!

Pics to soon follow.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Tomorrow is the Big Day!

God With No Hands opens tomorrow at 7:00 at Savannah Arts Academy. Please be there at 6:15 for costume and makeup. Break a leg!

Monday, October 31, 2011

Sunday, October 30, 2011

The Week of October 31

Are you ready for an exciting week?!?  It's MUSICAL WEEK!  We will be working hard to prepare for opening night of "God With No Hands" this Friday.  You can purchase tickets for $5.00 in the media center.  We will be traveling to Savannah Arts Academy Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday to practice onstage.  We will not be switching classes this week, and we will not have classwork/homework.

On Friday, please be at Savannah Arts Academy at 6:15 to put on makeup and costumes.

I hope you have a fun and safe Halloween,

Mr. Trent

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Dress Down Day

Friday, October 28th will be a dress down day for students and faculty.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Gotta Dance!

Ms. Fe helps the students practice their choreography for the upcoming "God With No Hands" musical!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

The Wonderful Week of October 24

First, don't forget that there is no school Monday!  It is a teacher work day, and we will be continuing to hold conferences with parents tomorrow and throughout the week.

We are really going to focus on the musical this week...the big day is NEXT FRIDAY!  Because of this, we will not be having regular scheduled classes.  You will be staying in your homeroom classrooms every day this week.  In addition, you will not be having any homework or tests.  Our time will be filled with preparation for the musical.  We will also be taking the quarterly assessments.  These county-required tests will be helpful in determining your areas of strength and need.  We will use the results to help plan lessons this year.

I look forward to a musical week with you!
Mr. Trent

Friday, October 21, 2011

Mr. Trent's Class Cast List

Liquid 1- Annie
Liquid 2- Abraham
Liquid 3- Rae
Gas 1 & 2- Austin
Gas 3- Samantha
Lava 1- Cortlin
Lava 2- Logan
Lava 3- Peter
Solid 1- Marsadie
Solid 2- Walker
Solid 3- Rowan
Sun- Niamh

Congrats, everyone! I'm so excited to see you on stage!

Thursday, October 20, 2011

SMILE! Tomorrow is Picture Day!

Don't forget:  Tomorrow is picture day.  It is also an "out-of-uniform" day for students.

Earth Layers

Mr. Brandon helped us review for tomorrow's test by having us create models of inner earth using styrofoam blocks.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Scientific Method Fun!

Mr. Brian came to our class today to talk to us about the scientific method. He will be helping us prepare our science fair projects this year! We made some sodium bicarbonate rockets to practice the method in an exciting way.

Monday, October 17, 2011

Ellsworth Kelly and the Fraction, Decimal, Percent Connection

Today, students used the work of American artist Ellsworth Kelly as an inspiration to create their own pieces of modern art. We then calculated fraction, decimal, and percent of each color they used to make their masterpieces!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mr. Trent's Class' "God With No Hands" Script

Here is the script we have created for our part of the musical.  This is a rough draft that we will revise over the next two weeks.
Setting:  A dark hot Earth. 
Lava 1:  I’m so excited to catch some gnarly lava waves!  Being a lava dude is awesome.
Lava 2:  Those volcanoes have been erupting and making some nice waves of lava and keeping the weather nice and hot.
Lava 1:  This is totally rad, dude!
Lava 2:  It seems like it’s been this hot forever.  I hope it stays this way for a long time.  I really enjoy this weather.
Lava 3 walks in
Lava 3:  Well, you better enjoy it while it lasts because I just heard on Ash Action News channel 96 that a change is coming.  Now that the volcanoes have stopped erupting, Earth is going to start to cool.
Lava 1:  You know, now that you say it, it does feel a little cooler.
Bossy solids walk in
Lava 2:  Who in the world are you?
Solid 1:  (mockingly) who in the world are you?
Solid 2:  We are new in town!  Now that the weather is cooling down, we came to take over this joint.  We are SOLIDS, bub bad um bum bum bum bum!
Lava 1:  I don’t think so!  We were here first!
Solid 3:  We are solids and we will crush you! 
Lava 2:  Bring it on!  We will melt you!
Hippy Liquids enter
Liquids:  (Chanting) Liquids for peace!  Say no to fighting! 
Solid 2:  Get out of here you peace-loving liquids!  Beat it!
Liquid 1:  Brothers and sisters, please stay calm.  There is no need to fight.
Liquid 2:  It’s all about love and peace.  We are on this world together and we must learn to get along.
Liquid 3:  God says that we must obey his laws and follow his will.  He gave us all rules to follow and task to fulfill.
Gases Enter (Dressed as Clowns) doing tricks
Solid 1- Who are these clowns?!
Gas 1- We are gases.  We are the joksters of the world, always bouncing around and never staying still.
Gas 2- Solids, you all are so stiff.  You never have any fun!
Gas 3- Here’s a joke:  What do you get when you cross some lava and a solid?  Give up?  An argument!
Solid 3- Are you trying to start something with us?
Lava 2- (sarcastically) ha ha ha, very funny gases!
All characters start arguing loudly. 
Liquid 3- STOP!  Look, the veil of clouds is being lifted! 
Piece of fabric is carried over the audience.  Lights shine.  Sun enters.
Liquid 2- Look, it’s our old friend the sun!
Gas 1-  We haven’t seen you in such a long time!  It’s great to see you again!
Sun- It’s so nice to see the Earth again.  I’ve been ashamed of all the fighting going on as the volcanoes were erupting.  But now I’ve come back to find the elements squabbling.  We must follow god’s law and obey the rules that were put in place so long ago.
Liquid 1- You’re right, beautiful sun!  We are liquids, we shall flow!
Gases 1- We are gases we shall float in the atmosphere!
Solid 1- We are solids, we will keep our shape.
Sun- Yes, beautiful, perfect elements: be proud of who you are and how you were made.  Follow the rules of your properties and our world will become something amazing!  I can once again smile upon my beautiful daughter Earth.
All sing “I Can See Clearly Now”

Parent/Teacher/Student Conferences

Parent/Teacher/Student conferences are taking place over the next two weeks. If you are unsure of your assignment date and time, or you need to reschedule, please contact Ms. Carol or myself as soon as possible.  The Harvard Family Research Project has created a great resource to help you prepare for your upcoming conferences.  You can download a very informative borchure on the site...just skip down the part that focus on parents.

I'm looking forward to speaking to everyone!

The Wonderful Week of October 17th

Are you ready for another awesome week at Ellis!?  I hope so, becuase we have a lot planned!

In math, we will be taking a look at the connection between fractions, decimals, and percents.  We will use the art of the famous American artist Ellsworth Kelly as inspriation to create our own pieces of art using fractions, decimals, and percent concepts.   Be on the lookout for some math homework being sent home this week.  Remember, the work you do at home is just as important as the classwork you do.

In science, we will finish up our studies on plate tectonics.  Mr. Brandon will be here to talk to you about layers of the inner Earth.  Keep in mind your "Clean Your Plate" choice sheet is due this Friday.  One Friday, you will also have a test on plate tectonics.  Here is your study guide:

1.  The Theory of Continental Drift
a.  Created by Alfred Wegener in the early 1900’s
b.  States that all continents were once connected into one
supercontinent called Pangaea.
c.  Pangaea later broke into two separate continents called
Laurasia and Gondwana.
            d.  Proof of Continental Drift
                        - Continents seem to fit together like a puzzle
                        - Similar fossils have been found on matching coastlines
                        - The mid-ocean ridge is where the plates are pushing apart
form each other causing the continents to move.  The movement of the magnetic pole throughout the earth’s history has caused alternating stripes of magnetic minerals in the rocks found beneath the ocean.
2.  Layers of the Earth
            a.  Inner core- solid
            b.  Outer core- liquid
            c.  Mantle – slowly moving, molten rock
                        - Asthenosphere- area of convection directly below the crust
            d.  Crust (Lithosphere) – surface of the earth.  Broken into many
3.  Boundaries
            a. Divergent boundaries- plates moving away from each other
                        - mostly found beneath the ocean (mid ocean ridge)
            b. Convergent boundaries- plate moving towards each other
                        -continent/continent create high mountains
                        -ocean/ocean create ridges
                        -ocean/ocean create mountain chains with volcanoes
            c.  Transform boundaries- plates slide past each other horizontally
                        -cause earthquakes
4.  Earthquakes
            a.  Mostly happen at where crust is broken (faults)
            b.  The focus is the place inside the earth where the earthquake
            c.  The epicenter is the place on the earth’s surface directly above
the focus
            d.  The severity of an earthquake is measured using the Richter
scale.  0 (mild) – 9 (severe)
5.  Volcanoes
            a.  Mostly found at ocean/continent convergent boundaries
                        -“Ring of Fire” – area where most volcanoes are found

Vocabulary Words

lithosphere- the solid, outer layer of the Earth that consists of the crust and the rigid upper part of the mantle.
asthenosphere- the soft layer of the mantle on which the tectonic plates move.
mesosphere- the strong, lower part of the mantle between the asthenosphere and the outer core.
continental drift- the hypothesis that states that the continents once formed a single landmass, broke up, and drifted to their present locations.
convergent boundary- the boundary formed by the collision of two lithospheric plates.
divergent boundary- the boundary between two tectonic plates that are moving away from each other
transform boundary- the boundary between tectonic plates that are sliding past each other horizontally
fault- a break in a body of rock along which one block slides relative to another
uplift- the rising of regions of the Earth’s crust to higher elevations
subsidence- the sinking of regions of the Earth’s crust to lower elevations

Finally, this Friday is Fall picture day!  Be sure to wear your best smile :)

See you Monday AM,

Mr. Trent

Book Fair!

It's almost time for the Book Fair!  Here's the schedule:

Fri, Oct 21 8:30am - 4:30pm
Mon, Oct 24 1:00pm - 4:30pm
Tues, Oct 25 8:30am - 4:30pm
Wed, Oct 26 8:30am - 4:30pm
Thurs, Oct 27 8:30am - 7:00pm
Fri, Oct 28 8:30am - 4:30pm
Mon, Oct 31 8:30am - 12:00pm

Ms. Rebecca put together a great website to tell you more about the Book Fair.  Check it out!

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Press Release- Charles Ellis Montessori Academy Presents: God With No Hands

The students and faculty at Charles Ellis Montessori Academy are proud to present the musical “God With No Hands”.   "God With No Hands" is a living timeline based on the Montessori great lesson of the same name that describes creation of the universe and the formation of the planet Earth.  The musical features many lively songs and skits all written by the students in the 4th, 5th, and 6th grades at Charles Ellis. Primary rehearsals begin the week of  October 31st, with the performance on the November 4th at:00 pm at Savannah Arts Academy in Savannah, GA.  For additional rehearsal and performance information, contact the production manager, Trent Kissinger, at Charles Ellis Montessori Academy (912) 201-5470 or

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Students Being Teachers

Today, students shared their expertise in finding least common multiples with classmates.

First Term Conferences

Date/Time request forms for the 1st term conferences were sent home today.  Please check your schedule, circle times that you are available, and return the forms to your child's homeroom teacher by this Friday.  We will send home a note stating the day and time of your conference.  Ms. Carol and I strive to work with your schedule, so please return your requests as soon as possible.

Monday, October 10, 2011

Week of October 10

Happy Monday!  I'm excited to get the ball rolling this week.  We will be starting two new units of study: Least Common Multiple & Plate Tectonics!

For our work in math with LCM, we will have a few lessons with homework.  Then, on Thursday, we will have a quiz on what you learned.  Check out this site if you need a refresher.

In science, we will be talking about plate tectonics.  I have some really cool Montessori materials to help you understand the theory of continental drift.  You will also be working on a choice sheet called "Clean Your Plate" to help guide your studies of plate tectonics.  It will be due NEXT Friday.  Here is a copy of the powerpoint presentation you will see Monday:

 You will have a vocabulary test on Friday on these words:

lithosphere- the solid, outer layer of the Earth that consists of the crust and the rigid upper part of the mantle.
asthenosphere- the soft layer of the mantle on which the tectonic plates move.
mesosphere- the strong, lower part of the mantle between the asthenosphere and the outer core.
continental drift- the hypothesis that states that the continents once formed a single landmass, broke up, and drifted to their present locations.
convergent boundary- the boundary formed by the collision of two lithospheric plates.
divergent boundary- the boundary between two tectonic plates that are moving away from each other
transform boundary- the boundary between tectonic plates that are sliding past each other horizontally
fault- a break in a body of rock along which one block slides relative to another
uplift- the rising of regions of the Earth’s crust to higher elevations
subsidence- the sinking of regions of the Earth’s crust to lower elevations

Parent/Teacher/Student conferences are coming up next week.  I will send home conference request sheets this week.  Also, keep in mind that Scholastic Book Orders are due on Thursday.  Please pay with cash or make you check payable to "Charles Ellis Montessori".

I'm ready for another great week at Ellis!  I hope you are, too!

Mr. Trent