Friday, April 20, 2018

Charles Ellis Presents: God With No Hands

Excitement is building as we prepare for this year’s musical “Charles Ellis Presents: God With No Hands”. The musical will be held Thursday, May 3rd at 6:30 pm at the Charles Ellis multi-purpose room. Please bring a lawn chair or blanket for seating. Tickets will be on sale starting Monday, April 23rd in the Ellis media center for $5.00 each. You can also purchase tickets the night of the show at the door. All rehearsals will take place during school hours over the next few weeks. Students who choose to perform in the show will need to arrive at Charles Ellis the night of the performance between 5:45 pm -6:00 pm. Because of the amount of work it takes the students to create this performance, it is imperative that all participants are showing grace and courtesy at all times. We look forward to another wonderful Ellis musical!

preparations for this year's musical: God With No Hands

The Week of April 23, 2018

GMAS testing is finished, and we are finally able to go back to our regular schedule!  Be ready for a fun week of lessons, art projects, and (for some) camping!

4th and 5th graders: Your required assignments will include a current event journal, 30 minutes of, a Greek and Latin rootwork choice, and any lesson followup.  These works are due Friday.  You will have a vocabulary quiz Friday, as well.  Please bring in a cereal box by Tuesday for a special art project.

6th graders:  On Monday and Tuesday, you will have some math and novel study followup to complete.  I'm also requiring you to complete 30 minutes of by the end of the day Tuesday.  Our camping trip to Rock Eagle will take place Wednesday through Friday.  Please refer to the information Ms. Kami gave you as you prepare for the trip.  You will need to be at school at 6:00am Wednesday to board the bus.

All students will be taking the last administration of the MAP assessment Monday (Math) and Tuesday (Language Arts).

Have a great EARTH DAY weekend!
Mr. Trent

Wednesday, April 18, 2018

6th Grade Mid-Term Progress Reports

6th graders were given mid-term progress reports today.  They show current grades in PowerSchool. Please review, sign, and return these reports by Friday, April 20th.

Friday, April 13, 2018

The Week of April 16, 2018

You've made it through the first week of GMAS testing!  We only have a bit more to is the testing schedule for this week:

Monday, April 17th- Math (4,5,6)
Tuesday, April 18th- Math (4,5,6)
Wednesday, April 19th- Science (5th only)
Thursday, April 20th- Social Studies (5th only)
Friday, April 20th- Makeups

Most of our time this week will be spent preparing for the upcoming Charles Ellis Presents musical.  Auditions for specific parts in our skit will take place Monday.  Please review the script to prepare for auditions.

Required assignments this week will include 30 minutes of and any lesson followup work.  You will not have a current event journal or word study/vocabulary quiz this week.

Have a great weekend,
Mr. Trent

Wednesday, April 11, 2018

6th Grade Fieldtrip Info.

Our trip is just 2 weeks away, and we are getting super excited! If you have not yet completed the permission form, please do so and return to Ms. Kami as soon as possible.

The bus will be leaving Ellis Wednesday, April 25 promptly at 6:30am. Please make plans to arrive to Ellis, packed and ready to go, by 6:00am. We will return from Rock Eagle about 4pm on Friday. I will have the students call their parents when we are about 30 minutes outside of Savannah.

As you pack, please use the “What to Bring” list that was sent home last week. We have to house all our luggage plus ourselves on the bus, so space is going to be tight. Please only pack 1 bag. Bed linens/sleeping bags, towels, and pillows can be placed in a plastic trash bag to keep them together.

We are not scheduling a stop on our way to or from Rock Eagle. The trip should be 3.5 hours. If you would like to send snacks for your child to eat on the way, you may. We will be heading back to Savannah right after we eat lunch on Friday. I expect lots of sleeping happening on the way home.

If your child needs any medications, those medications should be brought by you to Nurse Chris as soon as possible.

Electronic devices will be taken up when we arrive at Rock Eagle. We will allow the students to call you after our evening classes to say goodnight, but phones will be taken back up after these calls. We are creating a account for this trip so that we can send you daily updates and real time pictures. You can also contact all teacher chaperones through this account. To join the class: Text: @794b22 to: 81010

There will be a souvenir shop open on our last night at Rock Eagle. You may send some money with your student to buy a souvenir. Students will be responsible for their own money.

If your student has any dietary needs, i.e. vegetarian or allergies, you need to let me know ASAP.

Friday, April 6, 2018

The Week of April 10, 2018

It's GMAS week!  I hope you are excited to use this opportunity to "show what you know"!  Here is the testing schedule:

Wednesday, April 11th- ELA Reading & Evidence Based Writing (4,5,6)
Thursday, April 12th- ELA (4,5,6)
Friday, April 13th - ELA (4,5,6)
Monday, April 17th- Math (4,5,6)
Tuesday, April 18th- Math (4,5,6)
Wednesday, April 19th- Science (5th only)
Thursday, April 20th- Social Studies (5th only)
Friday, April 20th- Makeups

Because of testing, our schedule will vary from our "normal" weeks.  While you will be excused from some lessons, you will still be required to complete your 30 minutes of and any lesson follow-ups that are assigned.  There will NOT be a current event summary or vocabulary/wordstudy assignment this week.

We have just enough time left in the year to do one more novel study together!  You will find out what novels we will be reading Monday morning!

I'm looking forward to this year's Charles Ellis Presents show!  We've spent a lot of time planning our part of the story, and now it's time to start writing the skit, creating the costumes, making the props and set!  We will work on these tasks during our work time over the next few weeks.  I can't wait to see what you create!

Have a great weekend,
Mr. Trent